Street Soccer: The Coaches’ Guide

Coaching People, Creating Players


Street Soccer: The Coaches’ Guide Coaching People, Creating Players


Street soccer is exciting, creative, and fun. But even the most creative players need a good coach to realize their potential. This guide to street soccer coaching, written by the founder of the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA), is an informative, practical, and easy-to-use handbook for coaches of all levels. The best way to nurture creativity is to have an optimal learning environment. The ISSA has spent decades developing the best and most efficient coaching methods to create such an environment and shape better players and teams. In the book, these methods and strategies are detailed for every street soccer coach, whether they’re coaching a grassroots team or a professional club. Street Soccer: The Coaches’ Guide contains 50 games—small sided and 1-v-1—that coaches can try out with their players in order to become more successful and still have fun. This book is informative, easy-to-use, and enjoyable. It will help everyone become a great street soccer coach and learn a creative, efficient, and dynamic way to coach the beautiful game.

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Pages 176
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Publication Date 26 Sep 2016
Authors Laver, Darren
ISBN 978-1-78255-087-7
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About the Authors

Laver, Darren

Darren Laver (Somerset, England, UK) is one of the most unique and creative coaches in the world. He is the founder of the International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) and the street soccer concept, and is a globally recognized expert coach and exhibition performer.

His passion for street soccer was born out of Laver’s growing disappointment with the traditional coaching and teaching methods so widespread throughout the United Kingdom. Based on his creativity in teaching street soccer and the distinguished organization he created in 2006, he is widely respected as an expert. It was self-evident that the gulf between soccer mechanical skills and creativity was growing, and Laver has revolutionized the coaching process to remedy these gaps.


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