Periodization in Rugby


Periodization in Rugby


As most other team sports, rugby is a sport of technical finesse, tactical boldness, and refined and complex physical development. In this book, only one, but the crucial element of this sport will be addressed, namely the physical conditioning. This topic represents the foundation of all the other elements of the game. To keep this book as practical as possible, it not only deals with the general periodization of rugby biomotor abilities such as strength, power, speed or endurance, but it also addresses its specific application to the positions played within a team. The fundamentals of rugby are also discussed to better suggest a periodized plan for the training development, which in turn will optimize players’ and teams’ potential for peak performance. The book also reviews practical applications of the periodization process and suggests short and long term plans and drills samples for training leading to the actual performance optimization for the competition. The nutrition and recovery strategies are studied in the last segment of the book to provide players and coaches with a blueprint for achieving the best recovery during and between training sessions, as well as between the games during the competition phase of the plan.

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About the Authors

Bompa, Tudor

Tudor Bompa, PhD, has revolutionized many aspects of periodization of training starting with periodization of strength and power in 1963. He has published 16 books on training, planning, political science, and social anthropology. Most of them were translated into 19 languages. He has received 23 international awards in 21 countries.

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