Circle Soccer Training

100 Games and Drills to Improve Game Competence - For All Levels


Circle Soccer Training 100 Games and Drills to Improve Game Competence - For All Levels


Meyer & Meyer Premium—At Meyer & Meyer we make no compromises to present the best in sports content. Go for Gold! Training players in circular playing fields develops and improves their game competence. Circle Soccer Training contains an integrated game concept and provides varied training exercises for fast implementation in training practice that will benefit all players at any level. The book first delves into the theory of circle training, explaining the main technical and tactical principles of the circle training concept. It contains further helpful information regarding the rules of the game, coaching points, how to organize each game or drill, and detailed illustrations. Following the introduction on circle training is the practical application. Beginning with an explanation on how to use this effective training for improving players’ technical abilities, this section contains 100 circular games and drills that will allow players to progress and develop their skills. Also presented in this book are trendy, innovative, and cognitively demanding forms of play, which are an integral and complex part of modern soccer. The concepts of circle soccer and their application in training are important for all players—at any level—to develop their technical playing abilities. With Circle Soccer Training, players can create a competitive advantage over their opponents.

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Pages 216
Print run 1st edition
Format Specifications 21,0 cm x 29,7 cm Paperback / softback, 208 photos & illustrations, color
Publication Date 1 May 2019
Authors Kerber, Stephan, Seeger, Fabian
ISBN 978-1-78255-169-0
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About the Authors

Seeger, Fabian

Fabian Seeger received a master’s degree in sports science from the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany, and an A license for coaching from the DFB (German Football Association). During and after his studies, he was active as coach and coordinator of youth and adult soccer in various clubs like FC Kilia, Wedeler TSV, FC St. Pauli, Hamburger SV, and Altonaer FC 1893. Seeger is a basecamp coach for the DFB’s talent development program. He also serves as advisor to the Hamburger Soccer Association coach’s training program and is head coach of a junior select soccer team.

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