Your Best Abs

Revolutionary Core Workouts for a Stronger, Flatter Stomach


Your Best Abs Revolutionary Core Workouts for a Stronger, Flatter Stomach


Your Best Abs is revolutionary in its approach, but the research behind its benefits has been around for years. The premise is simple: Train the abs as they are designed to work, not by doing crunches and sit-ups, but by properly bracing the core. The purpose of the abs is to resist spinal extension—to brace and hold, not to push and pull. Your Best Abs provides a way to sculpt the abs without damaging the lower back or any other part of the body. This holistic approach includes warm-ups, cool-downs, stretching, strengthening, power training, and a nutrition plan designed to deliver maximum results. Whether performing upper- or lower-body moves, using core isometrics to stabilize the core is the deciding factor for performance enhancement. The research-based, martial-arts inspired strategies help to train the abs from the inside-out, enhancing neutral spine alignment, strengthening postural muscles, and improving athletic performance. Your Best Abs is a revolutionary way to a smaller waistline and stronger core, it will change the way you train your abdominals at home and at the gym.

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Publication Date 1 Sep 2018
Authors Seabourne, Tom
ISBN 978-1-78255-145-4
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About the Authors

Seabourne, Tom

Tom Seabourne received his PhD in Sports Psychology at the University of North Texas. He was the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Fitness Educator of the Year finalist in 2005 and Guinness World Record holder for indoor cycling in 2009. Tom received the Piper Award in 2014, honoring him as the top professor of all colleges and universities in Texas. He was an International Taekwondo Champion and winner of the Race Across America (RAAM) Open West in ultracycling. He has been featured in Sports Illustrated magazine three times, most recently as Athlete of the Month. Tom has also authored numerous articles and books. His focus on core training led him to produce videos, which are available at

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