Why American Soccer Isn't There Yet

Why American Soccer Isn't There Yet


Why American Soccer Isn’t There Yet analyzes the methods of Brazil, Spain, Holland—where the author has lived and played—and other similar nations, establishing a ground for a new vision in the approach to American soccer. The purpose is to establish a new insight into contemporary American soccer and restore faith in ground level observation of what works in a competitive team sport. The majority of American soccer players have athletic talent, the raw physical ability, and often the technical ability, however they have been fed the wrong mental information from their elders, including parents, extended family, and coaches. In turn, the coaches have been fed the wrong information from their respective elders. This book lays out what the core problem is, how to break it down, and fix it for the future of American soccer, which has the potential to become a prominent world power.

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About the Authors

Stay, Shane

Shane Stay is a former professional soccer player, writer, comedian, producer, and founder of Leaf Dressing. In 2008, Stay bottled Leaf Dressing, co-authored a print book, published a magazine story, worked clubs as a comedian, played restaurateur, received a Master of Arts, and played professional soccer. Stay has a Bachelor of Arts from Sonoma State University and a Master of Arts from Southern Illinois University. He resides in Chicago, Illinois, and San Francisco, California.

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