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ISBN: 978-1-84126-225-3

Women, Football and Europe, Vol. 1


It is undeniable that association football is a global game with huge popularity. Yet what is known as 'women's football' receives less support, financial assistance, media coverage and academic attention than 'men's football'. Consequently the story of women’s football remains largely untold and its potential as an academic topic is yet to be fulfilled.
This collection of essays contributes new knowledge on women's football, with the first section detailing historical aspects, the second equity issues and the third focusing on experiences. The book is aimed primarily at social scientists but will appeal to anyone with an interest in women’s football.

Additional Information

Subtitle Histories, Equity and Experiences
Delivery time 2-3 Tage
ISBN 978-1-84126-225-3
Pages 216 pages
Publisher Meyer & Meyer Sport
Series IFI Series
Volume Volume 1
Print run 1st edition
Format specifications b&W print, Paperback, 6 1/2 x 9 1/4
Date of publication 1 Jan 2007