Chasing the Elements: Explore the heart and soul of action sports

Aikido – The Basics

The basics of the foot and hand movements

Coaching Soccer Like Guardiola and Mourinho

Train your soccer players like Pep Guardiola

Running to Extremes

Read more about the legendary athletes of ultrarunning

  • The Tao of Running

    Running is more than moving one foot in front of the other. Running can evoke spiritualism and mindfulness; it can teach fundamental lessons about ...
    The Tao of Running
  • Functional Fitness

    Functional fitness methods develop the best workouts for your everyday life. Build a training program, set fitness goals, and develop a workout guide ...
    Functional Fitness
  • Creating World Champions

    Soccer players and coaches alike admire the German national team for their combination of individual qualities and teamwork, leading to some of the ...
    Creating World Champions
  • Stumps and Cranks

    Many amputees want to know how it feels to be able to cycle, and some even want to be professional amputee cyclists. The disability market offers many...
    Stumps and Cranks
Featured Author

Michael Lloyd is a keen fitness enthusiast who has a passion for creating and simplifying nutritious food to combine with a daily workout routine. Spending time training in the French Alps has pushed him to take on new challenges which include downhill mountain biking and skiing. He uses his love of photography to capture images of his delicious healthy food and training tips which he shares on his Instagram.

Men's Fit Kitchen

Men's Fit Kitchen

Become a stronger and healthier man! If you have a busy lifestyle and think you don’t have time for good nutrition and fitness workouts, this book will help you turn your life around. Michael Lloyd never considered food and fitness to be important. But after years of feeling tired, lacking motivation, and being unhappy with himself, he decided ...


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