Best Seat in the House

The Autobiography of Justin Roberts

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  • America's Best Trails

    Running isn’t only good for your body; it can be good for your soul as well; especially if you’re running outdoors on some of America’s most ...
    America's Best Trails
  • Triathlon: Starting Out

    Triathlon is more than the sum of its parts. You can swim, cycle, and run but you need more to become a triathlete. If you want to prepare for your ...
    Triathlon: Starting Out
  • Functional Fitness

    Functional Fitness contains exercises that focus on activities everyone needs to be healthy, fit, and successful in everyday life.

    Functional Fitness
  • Best Seat in the House

    Justin Roberts always dreamed of being a ring announcer at World Wrestling Entertainment. From playing with action figures of the Ultimate Warrior, ...
    Best Seat in the House
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Bernd-Volker Brahms (pictured here with Lin Dan, the most successful player in Badminton history) was born in 1969. He is a journalist and has been writing about badminton for various national and regional publications and TV stations since 1992. He is an expert on the international scene and regularly attends all the major tournaments like the Olympic Games, World and European Championships and the German Open.

Badminton Handbook

Badminton Handbook

The book is a compact training manual that is divided into two parts. The first part deals with training theory while the second contains background information about the sport and its stars, thus giving the reader an overall insight into the world of badminton. The book is groundbreaking in many ways. It combines training theory and information ...


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