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Meyer & Meyer Sport International Program Meeting

Editorial Conference with UK Commissioning Editor David Lane

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The Meyer & Meyer Team visits Book Expo of America

New York City once again was host city to the Book Expo of America. 2014 seems to be a good year for the American book industry as the floors vibrated with busy booksellers, distributors, publishers,...

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London Bookfair 2014

The Meyer&Meyer Team at the LBF in April

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Triathlon. The Mental Battle

This book clearly explains how to mentally prepare yourself for triathlon, Ironman® and ultra-distance endurance events. Once you consider taking part in training and competing, you increase the risk of a mental melt down.
 Including coping strategies to overcome doubts and fears that are likely...

Mighty Mites

Mighty Mites uses what we know about children and infuses it with youth soccer. Utilizing exciting stories, we engage young players and achieve a deeper understanding of the game than most would believe possible through skill development. This simple approach helps coaches easily accomplish more...

England 'til I die

This book reveals the funny, the absurd, the emotional, the peculiar, the shocking and unbelievable that is part and parcel of being a die-hard England fan. Tales of unwavering dedication and loyalty, of personal sacrifice and emotional trauma, are entwined with stories highlighting superb...

Stress Management & Longevity

The world is aging. Age is accompanied by opportunities as well as challenges. When we age we gain wisdom and maturity. We learn that, with time, we can overcome problems and deal with unhappy periods in our lives. We understand that if we manage our stressful periods, they tend to pass and we can...

Volleyball Drills

Dieses Buch präsentiert eine Sammlung von auserwählten Übungen für die charakteristischen Spielsituationen Aufschlag, Annahme, Zuspiel, Angriff, Block und Feldabwehr im Volleyball. Die Übungen sind verständlich und ausführlich beschrieben und jeweils in einzelne Kapitel unterteilt. Zu jeder...


Competitive Cycling

Achim Schmidt

Learn more about training techniques and tactics of cycling.

Mighty Mites

Chris Castell

Learn how to make youth soccer sessions more exciting!

Author's Pointer

Óscar Morán is a bodybuilding trainer and sports nutrition technician.