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Gloria Averbuch and Nancy Clark explain how nutrition plays an important part in performance and recovery

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New York BEA - The North American Bookfair

Visiting New York is always an exciting trip. Combine this with the possibility to attend the American Book fair BEA and you get the perfect match.

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London Book Fair 2015

Meyer & Meyer Sport displayed its international novelties at the London Book Fair

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Successful German Soccer Tactics

In order to achieve the result you’re aiming for, you have to have a plan. In soccer, you need a match plan. Some of the most successful soccer coaches devise match plans for every one of their team’s matches. A match plan describes a strategy that is used to be ideally prepared for the next...

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

This book provides you with a full explanation of what you need to get started with the newest fitness trend and contains various guides and charts to help you with your training. Learn about the incredible benefits this HIIT training method gives you and find the workout that suits you best. The...

Food Guide for Women's Soccer

This handy “how-to“ food guide addresses the nutrition questions and concerns of soccer athletes of all ages and abilities to help them achieve success with energy to spare. Soccer athletes are hungry for good nutrition information. They have lots of food questions: What should I eat before...

America's Best Places to Run

This book enhances the running experience by offering access to very special running routes. Research shows that runners travel more than the average person. They are constantly looking for great places to run. This book gives a preview of the scenery with directions to the start and special...

Sports Medicine for Football

The injury risk in football is quite high and every player will incur more or less severe injuries in the course of their career. This is due to the stop-andgo character of the game, frequent physical contacts, changes of direction and the intensity of the game. This places very specific demands...


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