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Meyer & Meyer at the Frankfurt Book Fair

At the Frankfurt Book Fair last week, the Meyer & Meyer team have run a separate booth in Hall 8.0

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Cherie and Lee Gruenfeld report from Kailua-Kona

Good news from the Ironman® World Championship in Hawai’i

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International coaching courses by Athanasios Papageorgiou

The successful volleyball coach Athanasios Papageorgiou works as an instructor for coaching courses organized by the FIVB – Fédération Internationale de Volleyball.

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Running Ultras

The book chronicles the author’s journey (the training, the races and the people he met along the way) to complete his personal quest of running four major ultramarathons: The JFK 50-Mile Run, Badwater Ultramarathon, Western States Endurance Run, and the Comrades Marathon.

Top Performance in Business and Sports

More and more people nowadays feel stressed out. In many cases this even leads to burnout. They feel empty, they cannot go on anymore, they are without motivation, power, and joy. Over the past ten years, the number of people suffering from this state of exhaustion has quintupled in Germany and more...

The Functional Training Bible

Discover functional training like you’ve never seen or experienced! This training is easy, fast and fun and it will revolutionize your health and athletic performance. It will become a new way of life! Functional training is a scientific method for personal training, workouts at the gym, at...

Cold Application in Training & Competition

Temperature plays an important role in sports–regarding both the athlete’s performance and health.However, until now, these effects, e.g., thermoregulatory mechanisms as well as the variations of body temperature during physical exertion, have barely been considered. This book presents...

Strength Training for Faster Swimming

Swimming-specific strength training gives competitive swimmers an edge. By strategically incorporating strength training into the swimming routine, better and quicker improvement can be expected.

In order to enhance your performance, swimming alone is not enough. An effective...


Sling Training

Anders Berget, Lennart Krohn-Hansen

Effective exercises to train the whole body.

100 More Swimming Drills is an excellent resource for coaches and swimmers at any level.

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During his twelve-year career as a professional triathlete, Paul Huddle finished over twenty...